1955 Chevy Nomad

Carpet Bagger

Being a life long Nomad worshipper, I have had some pretty great ones over the years.  One summer day I had to go to Ware, Ma to look at a pair of 67 Nova Super Sports for sale.  I was not impressed with the Nova's, but over in the corner of this building was a car covered in a tarp.  I immediately recognized the silhouette of a Nomad.  I asked if I could take a look, pulled off the tarp, and it was the Carpet Bagger.  I had followed the Carpet Bagger at the drag strip when I was a young man.  I left the Nova's and went home with the Nomad. I did a complete Pro Street restoration, updated the brakes, installed a 468 big block and glide, and a 12 point cage.  When I was almost done the original owner/builder showed up and wanted to buy the Carpet Bagger back. He is still racing it today.  ~Rick

This video of the CarpetBagger was taken by James Knights.

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