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1955 Chevy Nomad

Carpet Bagger

Being a life long Nomad worshipper, I have had some pretty great ones over the years.  One summer day I had to go to Ware, Ma to look at a pair of 67 Nova Super Sports for sale.  I was not impressed with the Nova's, but over in the corner of this building was a car covered in a tarp.  I immediately recognized the silhouette of a Nomad.  I asked if I could take a look, pulled off the tarp, and it was the Carpet Bagger.  I had followed the Carpet Bagger at the drag strip when I was a young man.  I left the Nova's and went home with the Nomad. I did a complete Pro Street restoration, updated the brakes, installed a 468 big block and glide, and a 12 point cage.  When I was almost done the original owner/builder showed up and wanted to buy the Carpet Bagger back. He is still racing it today.  ~Rick

Carpetbagger Racecar
Carpet Bagger Race Car
Carpet Bagger Racecar
Carpetbagger race car
Carpet Bagger Racecar
Dan Jordan Carpetbagger
55 Chevy Race Car
1955 Chevy Nomad Racecar
55 Chevy Carpetbagger
55 Nomad Carpetbagger
Carpetbagger Race car 55 nomad
Carpetbagger Rick Foy
Rick Foys Garage
Paint Pit Carpetbagger
1955 Chevy Nomad
1955 Chevy Nomad Racecar
55 Chevy Nomad Race Car
Carpetbagger Racecar
Carpet Bagger Racecar
Carpetbagger 55 Nomad
Rick Foy's Hot Rod Garage
55 Nomad
55 Chevy Carpetbagger
55 Nomad Racecar
55 Chevy Belair
Nostalgia Racecar
Nostalgia 55 Chevy Nomad
Nostalgia Carpetbagger Racecar
Restoring Carpetbagger Racecar
Restoring Carpetbagger Race Car
Restoring Carpetbagger Dragster
Nostalgia Dragster
Restoring Carpetbagger
Rick Foy restores Carpetbagger car
Carpetbagger Dragster Rick Foy
Carpet Bagger dragster 55 Nomad
Carpetbagger Dragster 1955 Chevy
Rick Foy restores dragster
carpetbagger dragster 1955 Nomad
Restoring Carpetbagger dragster
Rick Foy restores carpetbagger car
1955 Chevy Nomad
Carpetbagger Dragster Restoration
Carpet bagger restoration Rick Foy
Carpet bagger Rick Foy
1955 Chevy Nomad Dragster
1955 Yellow Nomad
55 Chevy Rick Foy's Garage
Rick Foy's Hot Rod Garage
Carpetbagger Restoration
Rick Foy restores Carpetbagger
Carpetbagger Restoration
carpetbagger race car
carpetbagger racecar
carpetbagger race car Rick Foy

This video of the CarpetBagger was taken by James Knights.

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